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In Mother Tongue Issue 2, rest gets radical (and we all want in), Kim Gordon says no to James Franco, writer Sarah Hoover goes hunting for her lost libido, poet Kate Baer texts her friends, The Vegan Hood Chefs serve food justice with coconut whipped cream, author Kimberly Harrington overshares (and cares), and we head to the strip club with photographer Bronwen Parker-Rhodes to find feminism on the main stage.

More from the issue: What happens when having kids isn’t part of the plan and you suddenly inherit three of them? Are massage guns the cure for all our (existential) woes? And did we find the secret to self-preservation in the Shizuoka province of Japan?

In Mother Tongue Issue 3, we get hysterical with Dr. Pragya Agarwal, unpack the cultural significance of Sharon Stone’s nose, and uncover deep truths at the hair salon with Rubi Aguilar Jones. Erica Chidi predicts the future of sex (it gets pretty sci-fi), Catherine Opie shares the joy of queer domesticity, and artist Aki Goto refuses to put down her phone. Writer Fiorella Valdesolo takes stock of the sorry state of birth control (and wonders where the good stuff is?), we go shopping for Fig Newtons and cat food with Samantha Irby in Kalamazoo, and PJ Harvey pops up everywhere. Meanwhile, Amanda Montei thinks hard about think pieces, Erin Loos Cutraro asks us to run for office, and photographer Victoria Hely-Hutchinson finds religion in a cup of milky tea.

Mother Tongue is a biannual print magazine that interrogates (and celebrates) modern motherhood through inclusive stories about art, sex, pop culture, politics, food and a few things in between.

It’s not about kids or how to parent them: it’s about the nuanced lives we are living—as mothers, and much more.

The magazine is edited by co-founders Melissa Goldstein and Natalia Rachlin and designed by creative director Vanessa Saba.

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Mother Tongue Company is a woman, latinx owned company roasting fresh and delicious coffee is Oakland, California! Mother Tongue buys coffees from producers they know and trust that uphold the same values they do. Mother Tongue hopes to build trust with its customers when providing ethically sourced coffee that taste great!

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