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ALEX CARRO | facial cleanser


For a powerful, deep cleanse with no irritation and dynamic cell regeneration and conditioning, feel the zing of select botanicals like Palmarosa, Jojoba and Petitgrain that protect and enhance your skin’s natural beauty while leaving it incomparably clean.


A unique combination of natural emulsifiers, Jojoba and Grapeseed Oils and gentle detergents from sugars, provide a deep cleanse removing softly dirt, makeup and impurities.
Bitter Orange Leaf Oil, Petitgrain and Palmarosa Oil, purify, unclog pores and balance sebum production to prevent breakouts and irritation.
Skin is clear, fresh and ready to receive moisture.

How To Use

Massage into your dry face and neck using light circular movements. Apply gently over closed eyes to remove makeup. Add warm water to emulsify, then rinse and pat dry. For best results use a warm, damp cloth during the cleansing process.


ALEX CARRO | facial cleanser