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Nourish Yourself, Nourish Your Skin

All treatments at Freedom Apothecary are designed to bring your body to a deeply relaxing state, teaching the body to utilize itself as its own powerful healing mechanism.

The Freedom: 1 hour 15 mins, $145


This completely customized farm-to-face treatment utilizes the ultra healing botanicals of Botnia Skincare to create a truly unique experience, that will energize you from head to toe. Beginning with a holistic consultation, your service will be designed based on your skin and body’s needs that day. Each Freedom treatment begins with a a deep cleanse, followed with an exfoliation appropriate for your skin’s needs and extractions performed, as needed, to target congestion, then a nourishing massage to stimulate the muscles, detoxify the lymph and release facial tension. The final step is a targeted treatment mask to leave your skin nourished and glowing. This offering includes a deep tissue neck and shoulder massage to further release tension and allow healing blood and oxygen to flow to the face, as well as a blissful arm and hand massage.

The Quickie: 45 mins, $85


For regular clients that want a quick tune-up or new clients who are curious about The Freedom Facial, this targeted facial allows you and your esthetician to focus on treating and healing specific concerns needed that day. After discussing internal and external factors that may be holding you back from your most vibrant skin, the best treatment will be designed using the ultra- healing compounds and botanicals. A mask suited to bring your skin to balance will be custom-blended, followed by deep tissue neck and shoulder massage to further release tension, and allow healing blood flow and oxygen to the face. This facial may be accompanied by extractions or facial massage depending on the health and needs of your skin.

The Consult


An In-depth holistic consult for skin/ body care with The Spa Witch. You will explore your body's internal and external ecosystems and how those things manifest in your skin, then collaborate on a skin care regimen unique to you and your needs.


This is for our returning clients who simply need a skin check-in or for those seeking product advise.

In order to make things more accessible we are implementing a 'choose what you pay' system for our virtual consults.