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APPRENTI ÔR’GANIK | natural eau de parfum


WEST INDIES: 100% natural unisex perfume made with the gentle, woody with a hint of pepper/ginger aroma of the Amyris. A small, bushy and evergreen tree native to Haiti where it grows wild. As it oil content is very high, native Haitians used to burn its branches like a torch to light their way, thus giving rise to its other name “Torchwood”

This perfume evokes the smell of burnt Torchwood, a small omage to my ancestors. With a light opening of Bergamot and mandarin, the Amyris aroma share the stage with the smokey smell of cedarwood and is closed with a powdery earthy-rich notes of moss, wood.

Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin; Heart note: Cedarwood, sandalwood; Base notes: Amyris, Orris, Oakmoss

LE SOUK: A natural perfume that evokes the feelings of a fantastic voyage. Opening with whiffs of fragrant bergamot this scent gracefully moves through notes of sweet, leathery labdanum, warm, spicy myrrh and the invigorating scent of the mimosa flower. Le Souk closes on the subtle balsamic and vanillin-undertones of amber and benzoin.

WILD FLOWER: Wild flower is a Joie de vivre potion inspired by my free spirited friend Corinne. It's an unisex smell like no other. Floral, powdery and earthy this scent lingers softly like a spell of love and happiness.

Top notes: lilac and Sweet Orange; Heart notes: chamomile and mimosa; Base notes: benzoin and patchouli. 


APPRENTI ÔR’GANIK | natural eau de parfum