ARDENT GOODS | beetroot lip + cheek tint

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Often times when people think about skincare, they skip the lips! This vegan satin smooth like lip conditioner is a luscious non toxic treat for your lips. It's pigment is derived from all-natural beetroot that can double up as a cheek stain on the go, a must-have as part of your clean beauty cosmetic collection.

Hand Poured in a biodegradable paperboard container. Simply remove the label and discard it in your compost bin. .5 fl oz container


About the Brand

Ardent Goods

The company Ardent Goods, taking on the name of being enthusiastic and passionate about creating unique, sustainable, essential lifestyle goods for everyone to enjoy. Founders Christina and Johna established all off their products which originated from their own needs. The brand infuses their passion, sustainability, and great functionality into each of their products.

Ardent Goods