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The secret to healthy, bold brows is a combination of nutrient-packed plant oils that strengthen existing hair and stimulate new growth. Our Boketto Lab Organic Eyebrow Serum is 100% organic, prostaglandin-free, and encourages natural eyebrow growth and health. 

The combination of nourishing and essential oils in our formula fortifies, thickens, and conditions hair from root to tip, reduces inflammation, improves circulation, and balances the skin’s pH to foster better hair growth. 

Suggested Use: Brush serum on each brow, 1-2x a day, as part of your usual skincare routine. The bristles on the wand are a bit coarse, to help with exfoliation to help stimulate the hair follicles. If you have really sensitive skin, you may want to be gentler with the application. After brushing, smooth with your fingertips and with hands over your face, inhale deeply. 

The serum is colorless and thin, and dries clear. 

Size: 3 ml

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