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For here. And here. There. EVERYWHERE.
All-over, anytime, and for anyone.

An exceptional oil with an ultra-rich, herbal blend of ingredients— a worldly infusion of traditional Chinese herbs in Moroccan argan oil. (east: goji, ginkgo, hinoki and west: argan, calendula, bergamot).

Boketto LAB The Oil is anti-inflammatory, increases blood flow, smoothes wrinkles, enhances elasticity and firmness. The Oil has high levels of vitamins A, C, and E and super-high levels of omega 6 fatty acids—especially linoleic acid which helps to oxygenate cells and boost overall cellular health.

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Boketto is home to a modern apothecary, lifestyle store, and wellness treatments— designed to support your whole body well-being. Boketto offers methods of relaxation with their in-person services and online product selection.