CHEEKY Curls | curl custard

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Get ready to pucker up! Our Curl Custard delivers drama-free style. This silky custard will hold on tight to those waves and curls for maximum bounce. Custom formulated from a choice selection of wholesome ingredients including Blue Agave Extract, this rich and luxurious concoction permeates each strand while quenching your hair with moisture. You'll enjoy frizz-free and tight curls without sacrificing softness.

***Works on all curl types***

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CHEEKY CURLS | hair masque

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About the Brand

Cheeky Curls

Founded by a proud owner of curly hair, who realized the harmful side effects the unnatural ingredients of her haircare products had on her Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms.  She decided to take action and formulate safe products for curly women everywhere.  

Cheeky Curls