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Salve Soap soothes your skin while offering the perfect lather. What makes it a salve soap? We used the soothing, nourishing oils from Lauren's All Purpose Salve to create a soap that will leave your skin feeling calm and cleansed.  

Lather up and allow the steam in your bath to swirl around Lauren's All Purpose well-loved essential oil blend of wild Lavender, organic Peppermint, and organic Patchouli. Massage the lather into your skin to gently cleanse and deeply nourish.

This multi-use triangle is great for full-body bathing, shaving, face wash, shampoo, sustainable travel, and more. Breathe deeply, friends!

This is a collaboration with Wild Lather who hand makes every bar of soap in her studio in Los Angeles. She uses a cold-processing method ensuring the oils maintain their vitamin and nutrient richness. 

About the Brand

Lauren’s All Purpose

Lauren’s All Purpose is not just a cream in a jar. It’s a ritual of caring for yourself so you can be there for others. The brand's purpose is to spread a tender touch. Lauren, the founder, believes being tender with yourself and touching yourself are essential for individual and collective healing.

Lauren’s All Purpose