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This creamy and nourishing formula can be worn alone or mixed together for a custom shade. use the all over colour on lips, cheeks and eyes for an endless variety of results. it goes on beautifully when applied with the fingers, especially gently dabbed on your skin or lips. use the warmth of your skin´s fingertips and apply sparingly and blend out. repeat application for a more intense colour on lips or cheeks. for added shine apply all over shine cristallo or kaito on top of the colour as a lip gloss or under as a nourishing lip balm. for more shimmer or a slightly softer colour, apply the bronzelighter or strobelighter over any colour. the pigments are very concentrated so a little goes a long way. preferred application technique – fingertips or lip/foundation brush.

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(M)ANASI 7 | bronzelighter

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About the Brand

(M)anasi 7

(M)anasi 7 is a Swedish natural beauty care brand providing organic beauty products sutable for everyskin tone. Professional Makeup Artist, Susan Manasi founded the brand back in 2018. (M)anasi 7 advertises their products as "clean and sustainable" due to the meticulous details that went into formulating their all natural products and the cautious actions taken to preserve our environment when producing the products.

(M)anasi 7