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ORA+CLE by Jennifer Elsner


Relationships are at the core of our experience: personal, inter-personal and professional. In fact, they are the building blocks that create our lives. How to purify and make these unions more perfect is rich with opportunity.

ORA+CLE is a vehicle for finding meaning & magic in the quotidian. 50 cards of wisdom gained through my decades-long design practice—illuminating ways to reframe, recharge and reflect. {Learn more about ORA+CLE’s origins → here.}

Each ORA+CLE card has three components: a colored circle, an insightful statement, and a deeper dive into finding meaning. The unique design means you can immediately utilize all three elements in your reading, without the need for a guidebook or study. Use your eyes, ears, heart, and rational mind—you can’t ORA+CLE wrong.

ORA+CLE is designed to be used on its own, or as a compliment to a Tarot practice. As an object displayed in a place of reverence, or to be kept private as your personal sage. Let me know how you ORA+CLE.


Divination for Designers [ & Others ]

+ 50 Cards
+ 5" × 7"
+ Full color
+ 16pt uncoated
+ Matte coating 1-side
+ Convenient tuck box for portability

ORA+CLE by Jennifer Elsner