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Two layers of natural, breathable raw silk or silk charmeuse.  Shirred sides to cover over the nose and under the chin. Each mask has pink, blue, white, or black elastic and will be chosen at random. 


Double layer of silk

Machine washable but hand washing preferred with mild detergent.

Approximately W 7" x H 6.5" 

Elastic around ears

Silk is natural, breathable, temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, and known to be beneficial to the skin. Raw silk is silk in its most organic form. The primary difference is that raw silk is silk containing a gummy substance called sericin. Some of the sericin is removed by boiling the silk in soap and water. Raw silk has a nubby and rougher surface than traditional silk. In addition to a different texture, raw silk is also lighter weight than silk.

Each mask is one of a kind and will not look exactly like what is shown in the photo.

About the Brand

Riverside Tool & Dye

Riverside Tool & Dye is a textile design studio based in Philidelphia with an in-house clothing and home-goods brand. All good are hand-painted or hand-dyed using natural fibers and a small batch process with a modern approach to traditional japenese dying techniques. With each piece being hand crafted, every design with be unique from the rest.

Riverside Tool & Dye