The Mama + Babe Box

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Specially curated for mama + babe, our essential Mama + Baby Bundle combines luxury with necessity—because those postpartum days are best with a little bit of both. 


The Mama (+Babe) Box is hand-picked and will include similar items to those in the photo.  These boxes are carefully curated based on product availability and value.


In Photo:

Milk Moon Tincture - $25 value

Milk Moon Postpartum Tonic - $42 value

Wiley Body Bar - $14 value

Wiley Body Everywhere Oil - $24 value

DotCup Menstrual Cup  - $32 value

De Lune Cramp Aid - $24 value

About the Brand

Freedom Apothecary

Freedom Apothecary is a wholistic wellness brand that houses various women-owned brands who also share the commit to caring for women's wellbeing. Prioritizing selfcare, Freedom Apothecary encourages women to take the best care of themselves with food and products that are friendly to the body. Freedom Apothecary does the hard working for you, vetting out the best natural brands to partner with, ensuring that every product offered is safe for the body.

Freedom Apothecary