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A summertime bouquet of lavender, rose, and clary sage to hydrate, nurture, and soothe your skin. This blend of natural floral waters aims to provide relief for sensitive or reactive skin, calming redness and irritation while promoting a balanced and comfortable complexion. Experience a refreshing sensation as this hydrosol blend works to refine pores, smooth skin texture, and leave your skin revitalized. Traditionally used for their natural soothing and cleansing properties, clary sage, lavender, and rose hydrosols contain antioxidants that help protect skin from environmental damage while minimizing the appearance of uneven tone. Enjoy the aromatic experience of these essential oils to create a spa-like experience and sense of relaxation during your skincare routine. Sausalito Garden Hydrosol is a gentle, hydrating formula suitable for most skin types. We aim to provide botanical solutions using the natural healing properties of plants to support your skin health and overall wellness. This hydrosol is summer in a bottle!

About the Brand


Botnia brings science to skincare with products that have been formulated with simple ingredients in their products to illuminate natural beauty. Botnia had crafts each product prioritizing natural botanicals and extracts for the improvement of the health of their consumers' skin. The company values making effective skincare healthy for everyone.