WOMANLY MAGAZINE | Issue No. 3: words from the wise

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Learn about menopause, caregiver strain, Alzheimer’s and more, while experiencing the beauty and humor of aging through literary and visual art. Our third issue features interviews with Valerie Luu and Andria Lo of Chinatown Pretty and Nina Lorez Collins, founder of What Would Virginia Woolf Do?. Our collaborators offer poetry, illustration, photography and vital resources on how to maintain healthy practices as you age.

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About the Brand

Womanly Magazine

Womanly Magazine is a digital magazine that discusses topics relating to womens' health. The brand was created to provide accessible health information to women and non-binary people through visual and literary art. Acknowledging that women who come from low income families face the most barriers when it comes to health, Womanly Magazine hopes to bring awareness to common health issues that gives everyone the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life.

Womanly Magazine