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Freedom Beyond | Weekend Vibrations

WHEW! it's friday, y'all, and we're ready for it. with the work week coming to an end and mercury retrograde on the horizon, we're welcoming some much-needed weekend vibrations and embracing the month ahead.



@mothermag: founded by katie hintz-zambrano, a resource for connected and cool motherhood. 


@kayemccoy_: an la-based photographer we met in atlanta, whose eye and taste is stunning.


@getwellsoonxo: a beautiful self-care sanctuary and social club in norfolk, va founded by women of color.




this chocolate bark recipe is the perfect way to welcome a cool, spring morning. made with wooden spoon herbs' "anxiety ally" tincture to help uplift your mood and help your body find balance.


G E T   T H E   R E C I P E



HIGH VIBRATIONAL BEAUTY, by the knowledgeable and intuitive minds behind CAP BEAUTY, it's a go-to to support mindful practices as the seasons change.


R E A D   N O W



listen like basquiat: chill


L I S T E N   N O W



enjoy your weekend!
xo, bon + morrisa