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Who We Are

We believe in holistic wellness as a means of radical self-care; we're passionate about cultivating a community and creating experiences that make us feel radiant inside and out. For us, radiant beauty beauty and wellness are not commodities and everyone is deserving of uncovering their glow and finding their freedom.

We're committed to building community where we can be both soft and intense, traditional and rebellious and where we can be the most beautifully imperfect version of ourselves and do so unapologetically. We believe that self-care is not only necessary, but essential for women to thrive and live into the future being female.

We think that the products and foods we put into our bodies should be like our friends -- non-toxic, so our partners are women we build relationships with and women we trust, making products we believe in so you don't have to do the dirty work and you can leave that to us.

We believe that freedom to be who we are is our right and that pursuit of health, happiness and wholeness begins by taking care of ourselves first.

Morrisa Jenkins | Co-Founder & Owner

FREEDOM IS: authenticity.

WHAT DOES SELF-CARE CURRENTLY MEAN TO YOU? Gaining a deeper understanding of myself, my why, and learning to LOVE THAT woman without conditions.

CURRENT FAVORITE PRODUCTS? Botnia Clarity Oil, Heart of Gold Star Keeper Mineral Toner, Sister's Body Wash, and anything & everything Freedom Apothecary.

Bonkosi Horn | Co- Founder & Creative Director


WHAT DOES SELF-CARE CURRENTLY MEAN TO YOU? It means doing what I need to do for myself to be grounded, connected to my higher purpose, attuned to my heart. It means saying 'yes' to things that feel good, 'no' to things that don't, and doing what brings me joy. It means asking for help, seeking support and calling a friend.

CURRENT FAVORITE PRODUCTS? Botnia's Oil Cleanser, LILFOX Sandalo Toner, H is for Love LIN Body Scrub, Ere Perez Colour Pots, Manasi 7 Koi blush.

Allyson Gluckman | Holistic Esthetician

FREEDOM IS: empowerment.

WHAT DOES SELF-CARE CURRENTLY MEAN TO YOU? My most ingrained ritual of self-care is rooted in nourishment through food. Cooking for myself, things that make my body and soul FEEL good, not what I have been told is healthy. Giving myself facial massage even when I don't have a ton of time is another favorite of mine.

CURRENT FAVORITE PRODUCTS? Botnia's Juniper floral water is so beautiful, keeps my skin from getting congested but isn't harsh.