Freedom Within | Weekly Reset

Freedom Within | Weekly Reset
a new week calls for a fresh start, a reset. that could mean getting into a new ritual or practice, getting on the treatment bed for a little healing touch, or taking yourself somewhere you’ve never been before to see things you’ve never seen. make time to live the life you’ve always wanted for yourself — the big things and the little things.
we’re so excited to have you back in our treatment room and to be offering you the healing touch we’ve all missed. don’t wait book your appointments with richelle now.
B O O K   N O W

our green tea butter is the body balm your skin has been craving. full of antioxidants that help to brighten and moisture meant to quench the driest skin, our green tea butter melts right onto your skin without it feeling greasy.

a jar of the freshest batch awaits you.

S H O P  N O W


a few years ago, we met Kia and Jaz, the women behind @thisishermarket, a community and marketplace for women-owned lines. together in 2020, we created an incredible experience in atlanta and we’re grateful to be part of what they’re creating in the shops at buckhead now. check out all of the brands they’re curating and the events they’re hosting to learn more about how you can shop our line and support other women-of-color founded brands like ours.

L E A R N  M O R E


cheers to a fresh start!

- bon & morrisa