the next chapter

the next chapter

In 2017, we set out to create a space to learn, to heal, to connect deeply with others and most importantly, to ourselves. A thoughtfully-curated marketplace of products.  A space where women empower women to expand and uncover their most radiant glow. 

Four years later, we are ready for the next chapter.

To spread our wings and reach even more women who yearn to shine brighter. What better place than the city of magic, of authenticity, of expansion and soul. The heart of unapologetic self-expression...New Orleans.

We are excited to bring the highest of vibrations and celebration

of Freedom Apothecary to a place where rebirth and transformation are not only encouraged but unavoidably desired.

This new chapter will allow us to share Freedom Apothecary

in a way that embodies more of its original vision. The seeds that were planted in Philly are now ready flourish in New Orleans and beyond. 

Join us over the next 6 weeks, as we prepare for our journey

down South, to celebrate what we’ve created here in Philly and what’s to come down in the Big Easy.