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Sumptuous, soft, supple skin requires sophisticated care. Delicate enough for the most sensitive areas, including the eye area, and powerful enough for any skin type, the luscious, natural botanical formulation of our rich Face Cream is second to none.



3 weight molecular hyaluronic acid encourages cell communication and elastin synthesis, boosting skin’s natural college production by more than 115%, making it plumper and softer from within.

Powerfully anti-oxidant, naturally occuring fatty acids and Crocus Bulb extract are clinically proven to give you luxuriant nourishment and hydration, leaving skin firmer, healthier and younger-looking.

Precious essential oils feed your skin rich nutrients, and add a sophisticated scent, making application an aromatherapeutic pleasure with an intense hydration boots.



About the Brand

Alex Carro

Alex Carro is a Barcelona-based skincare company who meticulously makes all of their products in small batches. The European brand uses science and real-testing while also formulating all of their products with 100% natural ingredients such as botanical oils, plant extracts, and vitamins.

Alex Carro