ALEX CARRO | illuminating matrix liquid

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Our powerful triple-action serum creates an instant matrix for skin regeneration and glow. A lightweight, non-greasy skin perfecting liquid that gives you skin that feels brand new, ready for any close up. Sophora and Licorice unify and even skin tone while natural fruit acids (5%) resurface skin, leaving it healthier, clearer and visibly more perfect, Provides clarity and radiance, even skin tone, increased hydration and rejuvenation.


Skin left instantly refreshed, reducing the appearance of pigmented cells, dark spots and uneven skin tone for natural clarity and radiance. Formulated with a triple-action instant matrix impact on skin health and appearance.

Sophora and Licorice roots leave skin looking instantly noticeably brighter and more uniform.

Natural fruits acids (5%) refresh texture by resurfacing and smoothing skin, rejuvenating skin cells for maximum skin health.

About the Brand

Alex Carro

Alex Carro is a Barcelona-based skincare company who meticulously makes all of their products in small batches. The European brand uses science and real-testing while also formulating all of their products with 100% natural ingredients such as botanical oils, plant extracts, and vitamins.

Alex Carro