ARDENT GOODS | body comfort wrap

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Delivers weighted comfort that can also be heated or frozen to help with sore muscles or cramps and helps relieve stress or discomfort. Filled with flaxseed, for the ultimate comfort level.  A comfortable therapeutic experience. wrap around your shoulders, knees, feet, lower back or abdomen.

Machine wash slipcover in cold water and tumble dry.

Spot Clean insert as needed. Insert must remain dry.

Pairs well with

ARDENT GOODS | eye pillow

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About the Brand

Ardent Goods

The company Ardent Goods, taking on the name of being enthusiastic and passionate about creating unique, sustainable, essential lifestyle goods for everyone to enjoy. Founders Christina and Johna established all off their products which originated from their own needs. The brand infuses their passion, sustainability, and great functionality into each of their products.

Ardent Goods