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a stunning, anti-inflammatory facial cream that brings new life to tired and damaged skin. frankincense and wildcrafted blue tansy are powerhouse plants that help soothe, tighten, repair and improve overall skin tone. botanical hyaluronic acid, squalane from olive oil, and organic aloe offer a dynamic fusion of moisture for dull and dry skin. this incredible product also provides beautiful aromatherapy benefits to help calm and ease the mind. it’s an exquisite cream that you’ll want to use again and again in your self-care routine.

why you’ll love it: for it’s incredible ability to heal, moisturize, and rejuvenate the skin.

smells like: blue tansy with a hint of sweetness.

feels like: a thick, creamy balm that easily glides onto the skin.

what it does: tightens, repairs, soothes + improves overall skin tone.

1.7 oz | 50 ml

About the Brand

Berlin Skin

Berlin Skin is a minimal inspired skincare brand bringing back simplistic products for health skin. The company believes less is more when it comes to caring for the skin. With products that provide high quality nourishment no 12-step routine is needed with Berlin Skin.

Berlin Skin