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We’ve heard your woes of dry, aging skin, dullness, wrinkles and scars. We know what it feels like to wake up with a mysterious patch of flaky, red skin. Rose Vetiver LAP Salve’s powers of hydration, brightening, and deeply moisturizing your skin are unparalleled. Transform your skin back to youthful, glowing softness. Created for the most sensitive of skin.

Each jar is made by hand in Texas using only 7 organic ingredients. Our ingredients are consciously sourced, vegan and cruelty free. No parabens, sulfates or anything scary-we keep our ingredient list minimal so you don’t have to worry.



About the Brand

Lauren’s All Purpose

Lauren’s All Purpose is not just a cream in a jar. It’s a ritual of caring for yourself so you can be there for others. The brand's purpose is to spread a tender touch. Lauren, the founder, believes being tender with yourself and touching yourself are essential for individual and collective healing.

Lauren’s All Purpose