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Sleep when the baby sleeps. This soothing nervine and adaptogen blend calms the body, and quiets the mind, allowing you to follow this timeless advice for new moms. Non-sedating. No grogginess.

Chamomile: Helps ease any tension and achiness in the body that may be preventing sleep- think shoulder and back pain from a day of lifting, bouncing, feeding and carrying a little one.

Passionflower: Lulls overactive, anxious minds into slumber and helps improve overall sleep quality. No more wasting precious sleep time on the hamster wheel of overthinking.

California poppy: As a relaxant nervine, California Poppy helps you fall asleep quickly and makes shorter blocks of sleep more restorative.

Ashwagandha: Frequent night wakings disrupt the body’s circadian rhythms leaving many moms exhausted during the day but frustratingly wired at bedtime. Ashwagandha helps you get back on track so you’re alert during the day, and able to fall asleep at night.

About the Brand

Milk Moon

Milk Moon creates products that keep the nervous system in mind, combining nervine and adaptogenic herbs in every formula. The brand uses regenerative practices and use local farmers for any outsourced ingredients. In doing so, Milk Moon is able to offer 100% organic ingredients in all of their products. Milk Moon strives to have all women show up to life with a sense of calm, clarity, and resilience.

Milk Moon