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This deeply soothing nervous system formula offers quick, grounding relief in anxious moments. May also be taken as a daily tonic for longer term support.

Milky oat: As a nervous and endocrine system restorative, fresh milky oat tops provide the ultimate nourishment when you’re edgy, frazzled and near burnout.

Skullcap: Another excellent nervous system restorative, skullcap is a perfect ally for times when you are overstimulated, touched out, and at the end of your rope.

Motherwort, or “mother’s herb”: Is said to impart a sense of courage and confidence in mothers, and ease feelings of overwhelm and self doubt. With an affinity for the heart, it is especially useful for those who experience heart palpitations in anxious moments.

Passionflower: This lush, climbing vine with striking purple flowers helps clear the mind of circular thinking and negative mental chatter, without being too sedating for daytime use.

About the Brand

Milk Moon

Milk Moon creates products that keep the nervous system in mind, combining nervine and adaptogenic herbs in every formula. The brand uses regenerative practices and use local farmers for any outsourced ingredients. In doing so, Milk Moon is able to offer 100% organic ingredients in all of their products. Milk Moon strives to have all women show up to life with a sense of calm, clarity, and resilience.

Milk Moon