SUSTAIN YOURSELF | bamboo spatula

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Use a raw bamboo spatula to scoop our Deodorant Cream, and/or help get the last bits of product out of your container. It is 2.75" long and about 2 mm thick. They are smooth and won't cause splinters.

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SUSTAIN YOURSELF | deodorant cream

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About the Brand

Sustain Yourself

Founders Sophia and Geevie's goal is to empower their customers to make more sustainable choices. Their unconditional commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of their product packaging, quality ingredients, materials sourcing, and everything in between is consciously and meticulously researched.

With a deep commitment to preserving our planet, Sustain Yourself strives to provide environmentally friendly essentials that not only enhance your well-being but contribute to a greener future.

Sustain Yourself