SVN SPACE | issue 001

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Hemp gets a stunning new makeover with the first publication of its kind, aimed at women who are focused on wellness and lifestyle.

The first issue highlights the many benefits of Hemp and how this could be incorporated into your daily life from beauty to fashion. This Hemp Lifestyle issue is dedicated to falling back in love with a plant that has a reported 25,000+ uses that can feed you, house you, clothe you, and heal you.

In an era where digital is queen and print media is dying, Hemp is a topic that thrives in print especially where education is a key factor!

This print issue is a refreshing nod to cannabis through thought-provoking articles, breath-taking illustrations, and brands on a mission to redefine this historical green plant.

A few highlights include:

  • Fashion Designer + Change Agent, Mara Hoffman discusses why she has moved her brand towards sustainability and incorporating hemp into her collections

  • East Fork Cultivars and explaining what is craft hemp

  • A History of Hemp

  • ABC's of CBD

  • Weed The People documentary summary and overview

  • Fashion editorials incorporating hemp made clothing pieces on location at East Fork Cultivars hemp farm

  • French Canadian hempcrete builders and progressive innovators, Du Chanvre

  • Hudson Hemp and regenerative farming

  • Surfing the dream on a hemp made surfboard

  • Highlighting the best hemp beauty + CBD products out there

In an era of confusion surrounding legality despite the recent signing of the Farm Bill, which removes hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, this magazine will make you fall back in LOVE with Hemp where you’ll ask yourself, “Can Hemp really be used for all of these things?”

The premier print issue opens the door to the opportunity and innovation around Hemp + CBD, that will motivate new jobs, pique curiosities, stir conversation, destigmatize a plant that was once considered counterculture, and emerge from the shadows as a viable solution for our earth in crisis.

About the Brand


Svn Space is a female-focused multimedia platform dedicated to educating the mainstream on the lifestyle benefits of cannabis, with a focus on Hemp. Hemp is a plant that can feed you, house you, clothe you, heal you and beautify you. The brand sought out to reverse the stigma on cannabis, modernizing the perception of the misunderstood plant.