WILDE HOUSE PAPER | balance bingo pad

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An innovative game to set mini goals for your well-being throughout your week.

How to play: – Play solo or with your partner / roommates –

Think of it as a weekly bucket list. Fill in the blank spaces with things that you want to make time for or accomplish. –


Cross off the box once you've completed it to find a sense of accomplishment in your week. 

Pairs well with

CLOTH & PAPER | dome sticky note

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About the Brand

Wilde House Paper

Wilde House Paper began as an intention – to use design as a medium to connect with ourselves, others & the Earth.

Paper is a medium that at times is an afterthought, but when you take a step back, paper is a vehicle of everyday interactions and meaningful moments. 

Founder & Creative Director Megan Heddinger  hope is that Wilde House becomes a space that you come to spark inspiration, cultivate intimate conversations, and carve out a space for genuine connection. Welcome Home.


Wilde House Paper