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you've probably seen her in the shop helping to find all of the goods to support your skin goals, but now you can meet her in the treatment room.

officially introducing you to richelle, our newest holistic esthetician.

if your skin's in need of a little extra love as the seasons change, you can get your treatment on the books.

m e e t   r i c h e l l e 

FREEDOM APOTHECARY GOES ON SPRING BREAK. the brick-and-mortar shop will be closed thursday, april 7th through tuesday, april 12th. the webshop, as always, will be open 24/7 but all shipments will go out when we get back to the shop (hearts and minds refreshed, of course.)

it’s true – our books are finally open again for regular treatments with our newest esthetician, richelle. we can’t wait to have you back in! the books are open now for treatments starting wednesday, april 20th. 


 this month, join a Sisterhood Sit-In Trolley tour to support other small, black women-owned businesses like ours.

did you know that throughout the pandemic, this nation has lost 40% of its black women-owned businesses. we would be remiss if we didn't do something to preserve and protect the businesses still here. 

while we wish we could include MANY more businesses on the trolley tour, this first run of our Sisterhood Sit-In: Trolley Tour is the spark for a much larger idea of how we will support vulnerable, yet powerful institutions in our communities.

all of the gratitude and grace extended to the crew at Harriett’s Bookshop for being the community catalyst we all need.


s h o w   s u p p o r t


enjoy the rest of your week!
- bon & morrisa